Tuesday, 13 January 2009


ok this is officially driving me nutty!! well talk about not know what you are doing..i have spent ages just trying to do the simplest thing- change a font colour and you know what..it wont let me any one have any ideas on how to change the blue text would be greatly appreciated
Hugs Gemsxx

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  1. Hi Gems....
    the color your looking to change is #999999.
    In your "edit html" section look for this area...

    Blogger Template Style
    Name: Minima
    Designer: Douglas Bowman
    URL: www.stopdesign.com
    Date: 26 Feb 2004
    Updated by: Blogger Team
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    /* Variable definitions

    this contains all the colors used on the page.

    Look/search/find (click ctrl-F buttons for find) for that color code. Add you color code for desired color. It actually is a gray color rather than blue....fooled me to...LOL

    Love you freebies so I snagged...great job on those!!!

    good luck with color change. I'll check back to see if it help or if I can help more.