Tuesday, 24 February 2009

tell me what you want...what you really really want!!!

Hi all, I would love to know what you all like in the scrapkits, and what colours you like so if you fancy having a bit of input on the next kit please leave me a comment to this post saying the sort of elements, colours etc you would like to see. Hugs Gemsxx


  1. I like a variety of colors in one kit. Nice contrasting colors to go together. I'm fond of clustered picture frames and nice ribbons.

  2. Gems, I have been wanting to see a yellow scrapkit, seems like you rarely see yellow. I like bows, round scalloped frames. The other day I got a scrapkit that had a window frame in it, i'm sure that took some work. Oh, I know another element that you don't see too often that I like are feathers. But your kits are great, I'm just sharing some ideas. BTW, pastel pink is my favorite color.lol