Saturday, 21 August 2010


ok i wasnt sure if i was going to do this, as all my stuff on my blog is free to use, and i will sometimes make some tuts with the kits that i make, but i am a very casual scrapper so it wont be any hard commitment, less of a CT team more of a sharing of creativity :o)
So if you are a tut writer and fancy using my kits, which you could do as it is now it would be great to share them with you and advertise what you make with them and in doing so show off the kits....
If you would like to drop me a mail please do, i am always happy to hear from you all.
Hugs Gemsxx

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  1. I've posted a link to your blog for your Imagine kit in a tagger group I belong to.
    I've just started posting challenges in the group and hope some will take part any that do I will send you the link so that you can see that tags made. It's a beautiful kit.
    Thanks so much for sharing♥♥